Small Parrot Hand Rearing Syringe Crop Tube


Small Parrot Hand Rearing Syringe Crop Tube


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We are please to offer a more affordable alternative to crop tube feeding with our unique syringe.

The syringe allows you to crop feed your bird without running the risk of puncturing the crop, especially for those new to feeding birds as crop needles require a high level expertise.

Our syringe offers a 10 cm special soft silicone feeding tube that is 2.5 mm thick in diameter, which locks into your syringe and holds the silicone locked with a barb. Too many syringes out there have no lock and over time will come off the syringe and either suffocate your bird or the poor bird may even swallow the tube!

The syringe is 12 mL for smaller birds or younger birds. Ideal for hand rearing conures, parrotlets, budgies, cockatiels, etc. The syringe comes apart for easy washing and has no black rubber plug that gets brittle over time and a breeding ground for germs.

We do offer a larger syringe for larger parrots such as ringnecks, eclectus, galahs, cockatoos, etc.

Package includes:

1 x 12 ml syringe with luer lock
1 x 10 cm soft silicone feeding tube with barb and luer lock to lock with syringe

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