Chicken & Chook Drinker and Feeders

Top Knot Poultry Supplies offers a limited but effective but affordable range of drinkers and feeders, mainly for raising young chicks, with the addition of the best treadle feeder we believe that is available in the market.

We offer ball type drinkers of two sizes, 600 millilitres ideal for small bantams and quails, and the 1.3 Litre for larger chickens.

As for our two feeders, we offer the trough feeder which is 34 cm and stops chicks scratching all the feed and going to waste. Our 1.5 kg feeder works best if suspended in the air to get it off the ground so chicks will need to reach up to eat. This works better from 2 weeks onwards whereas the trough feeder is suitable from day old.

The design of our innovative new treadle feeder reduces mice or rat problems and food waste. The stepping on the mechanical treadle, the bird opens the tilt door that gives access to the feed with a rubber bumper prevents the tilt door from hitting the feeder back wall to reduce noise

Designed not to be opened by small animals such as wild birds, mice and rats. To train your birds to use the feeder, simply weigh the treadle for a few days allowing free access to the feed. The weight can be removed once they are regularly feeding on the treadle feeder. These feeders are weatherproof and are suitable for outdoor use. This treadle feeder has adjustments to allow small bantams such as Dutch bantams through to larger birds to trigger the step to open the feeder.

The feeder is pre-assembled, except for the treadle and the feet, which are mounted easily. A unit is packaged in compact and sturdy carton boxes

The unit is constructed of metal for long life with limited plastic parts, with a diamond-shaped lid to avoid stagnant water. The lid blocking button and tilt door hinges made from nylon for a long life as well as perforated metal treadle to easily remove dirt and to provide the bird with steady and comfortable support.

Plastic supporting feet to avoid the direct contact of the sheet with the soil, thus preventing oxidations that compromise the feeder life and a knurled knob to adjust the height of the feed distribution shutter. It also has an anti-waste nylon grid. It prevents the birds from scooping out the feed with an anti-drip rim to prevent the feed from getting wet.

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