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Brinsea Maxi 24 Advance Fully Automatic

Brinsea Maxi 24 EX Fully Automatic Incubator


Brinsea Maxi II Incubators: Your Gateway to Successful Hatchings 

Welcome to Top Knot Poultry Supplies! Here, we’re proud to showcase our leading range of incubators, especially the celebrated Brinsea Maxi II series. Perfect for enthusiasts and professionals alike, these incubators marry innovation with simplicity to ensure your hatching experience is both rewarding and enjoyable.

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Brinsea Maxi II Ex: Your Trusted Incubation Partner 

Imagine welcoming new life into the world with the confidence of cutting-edge technology by your side. The Brinsea Maxi II Ex is not just an incubator; it’s a hatchery in a box! This fully automatic egg incubator with a capacity of 24 hen’s eggs is designed to make incubation hassle-free and successful.

Enhanced Capacity: Thanks to Brinsea’s ingenious egg disk quadrants, the Brinsea Maxi II Ex comfortably houses up to 24 hen’s eggs. These convenient quadrants click together, enabling the incubation of various egg sizes simultaneously.

Full Digital Control: From temperature to humidity, control your incubation environment with precision. Alarms will alert you to power outages and temperature shifts, ensuring you’re always in the know.

High-Frequency Turning: Ideal for parrots and all eggs up to goose size, the turning mechanism provides the needs of a broad spectrum of species, ensuring each egg receives the attention it deserves.

Brinsea Maxi II Advance: Simplicity Meets Efficiency 

The Brinsea Maxi II Advance is a testament to Brinsea’s commitment to innovation and reliability. If you’re taking your first step into the world of egg incubation or are looking for a convenient, no-fuss incubator, look no further.

Automatic Egg Turning: Say goodbye to manual turning. The Brinsea Maxi II Advance ensures your eggs are turned automatically, providing optimal conditions for development.

Digital Alarms and Countdown: With digital alarms and a countdown feature, you’ll have a clear heads-up to hatch day, taking the guesswork out of the process.

Enhanced Visibility and Control: Witness every stage of development with improved visibility and manage incubation conditions with ease through external water top-up features and digital control.

Perfect for Beginners and Pros

Whether you’re new to the hatch or a seasoned breeder, the Brinsea Maxi II series is tailored to meet your needs. It offers:

Ease of Use: The user-friendly design ensures a smooth experience from setting up to hatching.

Versatility: Comes with hen and duck quadrants as standard while accommodating eggs from quails to geese.

Reliability: Brinsea’s patented alarm system means that you’re always informed about the status of your incubation environment.

Cutting-Edge Innovations 

Brinsea doesn’t stop at basics. The Brinsea Maxi II series comes with:

Patented Cooling Options: Mimic natural incubation conditions with periodic cooling options available in these models.

Room Temperature Alarm: Unique to Brinsea, this feature alerts you if the room temperature exceeds the optimal range, ensuring your eggs are continuously incubated under perfect conditions.

Your Hatch, Our Commitment 

At Top Knot Poultry Supplies, we understand that every hatch is a journey. That’s why we offer the Brinsea Maxi II series – to ensure your journey is filled with anticipation, not anxiety.

With transparent and affordable pricing and a commitment to quality, your incubation partner is just a click away. So, are you ready to start your hatch with the Brinsea Maxi II? We’re here to see you through every peep and chirp!

Whether it’s the advanced features of the Brinsea Maxi II Ex or the user-friendly Brinsea Maxi II Advance, your hatching experience is set to be both successful and enjoyable.

Get in touch with us today to find out more and take the first step towards a bountiful hatch season!

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