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Brinsea Brooder

Presenting Top Knot Poultry Supplies, where nurturing your precious hatchlings is our top priority. Explore the wonders of the Brinsea Brooder For Sale and ensure your little ones get the best start in life.

The Brinsea TLC-50 Eco Series II and TLC-40 Eco Series II are the best intensive care units for your young, injured, or recovering animals and birds. Trusted by wildlife rescues, conservationists, and breeders worldwide, these units represent a sanctuary of warmth and safety.

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Brinsea Parrot Brooder

Parrots, with their vivid colours and intelligence, require attentive care in their early days. The Brinsea Parrot Brooder is an excellent choice for bird enthusiasts dedicated to providing optimal conditions for their feathered friends. It’s a nurturing environment that mimics the warmth and protection of a mother’s embrace.

Parrot Brooder: Cutting-Edge Control System

Accurate Temperature Management: Digital temperature controls allow you to adjust the heat to 0.1°C, ensuring your chicks or parrots are cosy and warm from room temperature up to 38°C.

Dual Alarms: Keep your peace of mind with dual alarms that alert you if the temperature varies from your settings, inside or outside the brooder.

Optimised Airflow

Consistent Heat Distribution: The refined airflow design ensures an even spread of heat, keeping all inhabitants equally warm.

Positive Pressure Fan: Maintains a clean environment, minimising the spread of dust and allergens.

Twin Stage Air Filter: This feature removes bacteria and fungal spores, safeguarding the delicate immune systems of your young charges.

Mindful Humidity Control

Dehydration Prevention: The brooder’s water reservoir enhances humidity levels to prevent dry air from affecting the animals.

Adjustable Vent: Offers the user the control to manage humidity and fresh air flow effortlessly.

Hygiene and Maintenance

Easy-to-Clean: The smooth interior surfaces and absence of chewable edges make cleaning straightforward.

Disassemblable Design: You can completely disassemble the unit for a thorough cleaning, ensuring a hygienic environment.

Safety and Durability

Biomaster Antimicrobial Protection: Integrated into the cabinet material, this protection inhibits bacterial growth by up to 99.99%.

Durability Tips: To maintain the integrity of your Brinsea brooder, avoid alcohol-based disinfectants and ensure thorough rinsing after cleaning.

Key Benefits:

Energy Efficiency: It uses only a fraction of the energy of traditional heat lamps.

Natural Rearing: Mimicking the warmth of a mother, helps in the normal development of day/night cycles.

Extended Guarantee: Enjoy a free 3-year guarantee when registering your purchase with Top Knot Poultry Supplies.

Parrot Brooder Product Options

Brinsea TLC50 Zoologica Series II: Best suited for a larger variety of animals with a capacity of 100 litres.

Brinsea TLC40 Eco Series II: A compact version, provides all the features of its larger counterpart but designed for smaller species or numbers.

Filling the Water Reservoir:To maintain humidity and prevent bacterial growth, fill the reservoir with a Brinsea Incubation Disinfectant solution daily.

Room Temperature Alert: An integrated alarm will notify you if the room temperature drops below 15°C, ensuring your brooder’s performance is not compromised.

When it comes to rearing your young parrots, chicks, or any other precious hatching, the Brinsea Brooder For Sale at Top Knot Poultry Supplies offers an unparalleled environment that merges safety, control, and the tender care your animals deserve.

Find solace in knowing that with a Brinsea brooder, you’re not just investing in a product; you’re investing in a new generation of healthy, happy birds. Our Brinsea Brooders are more than just machines; they’re the nurturing hands when you can’t be there.

Start your journey with Top Knot Poultry Supplies, and let us provide a warm nest for your feathered future. The Brinsea Parrot Brooder is not just a product; it promises vitality and a vibrant start to life.

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